Concept-wheels , we base our entire business model on the craftsmanship of our products. We design and manufacture limited production, hand assembled wheels that consist of only the highest quality materials available.


Our 3 piece sport inspired wheels are engineered and designed in the same fashion as our flagship Forged Series. All wheels are offered in exquisite finishes such as, hand brushed aluminum, color matched paint, chrome, polished aluminum and more. We precision machine the wheels to fit your vehicles specifications. Aspects such as bolt pattern, center bore, and back spacing are all machined individually per order. All machining is completed in our Miami Florida production facility using the most technologically advanced CNC machinery in the industry. We hand assemble each wheel to ensure proper torque settings and runout. Each wheel is also individually inspected for any visual or structural issues using a 20 point inspection process which ensures that no wheel leaves our facility with any problems whatsoever.




Our manufacturing process consists of many detailed steps. From the time you place your order to the date of delivery, you are able to track step by step stages of your order through the manifacturing process.